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It finally feels like summer, so grab yourself a bucket of cool water for your four legged friends.

Keep the pests from bothering your pets! Stop by our Fly Control Section for all your fly abatement needs.

Still have to make some room for new items, so dont forget to check out the Inventory Reduction Section for some great deals - new items are still being added daily and you can save big!
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Code Name Price    
100-2 Mallon DVD 2: Halter Breaking and Training $59.00
101 Mallon First 24 Hours Package $79.75
040 Llama & Alpaca Carts $625.00
042P Driving Package $765.00
041H Driving Halter $13.50
095 Complete Cria Care Kit $145.00
095A Lubricating Gel - 5 ounce - NEW PRICE 2-14-13 $4.60
095B Digital Thermometer $13.00
095C Feeding Tube $2.50
095D Feeding Syringe 60cc $2.50
095E Triodine $1.75
095G Naval Clamp $3.50
095H Pritchard Nipple $3.25
095I Enema (4.5 oz.) $2.60
095J 3cc Syringe $0.25
095L Aspirator $3.85
095N Electrolytes $2.50
095O Stethoscope $12.00
095P Plastic Shoulder Sleeve - Individually or Box of 100 $0.35
087LP Probiotic Plus 80cc Tube $15.95

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