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It finally feels like summer, so grab yourself a bucket of cool water for your four legged friends.

Keep the pests from bothering your pets! Stop by our Fly Control Section for all your fly abatement needs.

Still have to make some room for new items, so dont forget to check out the Inventory Reduction Section for some great deals - new items are still being added daily and you can save big!
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Llama / Alpaca Cookie Cutter
Llama / Alpaca Cookie Cutter Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $6.00
Gold Key Club Price: $6.00
A perfect way to spice up a llama or alpaca gathering is with alpaca/llama cookies!

Tie them onto a gift with a bow or ribbon! Fun stocking stuffer.

  • Or surprise your children with llama/alpaca "JELLO - Jigglers"!
  • Great for 4-H meetings as well.
  • Handmade. 3"L x 4 1/2H" and 3/4" deep.

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